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  Swim Cap Benefits:

        • Protects the hair from chlorine
        • Keeps hair out out of your face
        • Keeps your head warm when swimming in cold water
        • Allows boats to identify a swimmer when swimming in open water
        • May be mandatory at some pools to keep pool filters open
        • Helps you to swim faster in competitions

How do I choose the right cap?

At Swim ‘N Things, we can help you choose just the right cap to fit your needs! Caps come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and materials. You may need more than one cap depending on what type of swimming activities you may participate in.



Latex & Rubber Caps

Latex swim caps are made of latex rubber and have been available for many years. These caps fit very snugly so many competitive swimmers prefer these to give you a speed advantage. They are usually just one color. They protect the hair from the chlorine. They may be more difficult to put on and remove. Also, take care to make sure you do not have an allergy to latex.

Silicone Caps

A popular choice is a silicone swim cap. They were developed as another choice to Latex, as some people are allergic to Latex. Typically, these caps are a little more expensive than Latex. These are available in several colors and protect the hair from the water. The silicone caps are easier to put on and take off but may slip off more easily.

Lycra Caps

A lycra cap is the most comfortable cap to wear. These may be made of the same material as your swimsuit which provides a uniform look. They are also more durable than  latex or silicone caps. These lighter weight caps tend to slip more. These caps tend to be a little more expensive also.

Types of Caps

Sizes & Shapes:

  • Children’s swim caps which are sized for kids and are smaller
  • Regular sized swim caps for adults with short hair which fit most people
  • Larger sized swim caps for adults long hair which are typically longer to keep your hair in the cap
  • Bubble swim caps which have a helmet-like shape
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