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Aquatic Fitness

Water exercise can be the perfect option for injured athletes, seniors, pregnant women, or anyone who wants a great workout. Water exercise classes are also great during hot summers or during a cold winter at an indoor pool. Several types of equipment is designed to help you with your workout.

 Aquatic Physical Therapy 

Aquatic physical therapy may be used to help improve cardiovascular strength. At Swim ‘N Things, we have a selection of water weights, web hands and other equipment which can help you do your physical therapy in a swimming pool.

Aquatic  Conditioning

 Athletes may use swimming pool aerobic exercise cross training tool. The water provides resistance without impact. Jogging belts and special running shoes are designed for use in a pool. 

Aerobic Equipment for Pools

Web hands, special shoes and water weights can help you with your aerobic workout. This type of equipment is also helpful for people exercising in a pool if they are not expert swimmers or may be afraid of the water.

 Flotation Aides 

Noodles and vests can help you with your pool workout. Place the noodle between the legs and align it so that it is higher in the back than in the front.  Water exercise is more challenging so these devices help with your aqua aerobics program.

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